Archdiocese of OKC Lifts All COVID Restrictions

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Pentecost is the Church’s birthday. It’s a fitting day for the Church to begin rolling back the regime’s pandemic restrictions, long-acknowledged as out of step with the public, and the science relating to COVID-19.

The Archdiocese of Oklahoma City has decided that enough is enough, and that the sham is up.

From Fox OKC:

“The Archdiocese of Oklahoma City has announced all remaining precautions related to COVID-19 have been lifted effective on the Vigil of Pentecost on May 22.

The provisional mask requirement has been lifted. Face coverings are optional. Mass capacity can be increased to 100%.” (Read the whole announcement here; it’s short.)

We hope that all jurisdictions in the Church will lifts these senseless restrictions, and all laypeople should agitate for their abolition. No man has the right to hide the Sacraments from the Faithful, and no one has the right to play medical games with their flock. In an era when shutting down the Sacraments is the quicker response to an apparent crisis than, say, Eucharistic processions and mass penance, the Archdiocese of OKC is providing their own small witness to the rest of the clergy. We hope they heed the signal.