Government Targeting ‘White Southerners’ for COVID Injections

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It bears repeating from the beginning of the discussion: no complicity in abortion can be required of any member of the Catholic Church. No Catholic is required to receive the so-called “vaccine” for COVID-19, or any of that virus’ forthcoming variants. These vaccines have deep involvement with abortion and fetal experimentation, and have been found to be of grave impact upon the health of thousands of its recipients.

Many people know this, but the population most resistant to receiving this manifestly suspicious and dangerous injection are, according to government outlets and subsidiaries, “White Southerners.”

Well go-lly.

Here is a strongly-worded description of events from Newstarget:

“Not enough light-skinned conservatives are agreeing to take Donald Trump’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injections at ‘warp speed,’ so the mainstream media and the Biden regime are pumping out the propaganda to try to solicit their obedience.

According to the fake news media, ‘white, rural conservatives,’ particularly in the South, are among the most “hesitant” when it comes to getting jabbed for the Chinese virus. Many of them simply do not want to have their DNA permanently changed, and this is upsetting to the deep state which wants full ‘immunity’- meaning everyone gets injected.

Taking every opportunity to bash white conservatives, the establishment has been on a propaganda spree as of late trying to make those who would rather not take a liability-free experimental gene therapy poison seem stupid and uninformed- because everybody knows that Wuhan flu shots are ‘science.'” (The entire piece is here.)

In the interests of making it very clear that White Southerners are being named and shamed, specifically, here is the quote of NPR complaining, from The Daily Bell:

“‘On a recent weekend in Hartsville, the local health department had trouble filling up even half the spots for a COVID-19 vaccination event… Down the street at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store, Cris Weske, 43, stopped in to buy a can of dipping tobacco… Weske, who is wearing a ‘We the People’ T-shirt, says the U.S. Constitution protects his choice to opt out of the massive nationwide vaccination effort.'” (Their piece can be found here.)

What’s going on here is that the government knows that White Southerners are resisting the vaccine, and are doing so alongside Black Southerners and many other kinds of Americans. The government’s obvious prejudice against White Southerners is leading them to ignore the situation regarding Black Southerners, and to single out White people for targeting.

The press secretary Jen Psaki even announced that the Biden administration plans to pander to White Southerners by posting PSA’s on NASCAR races and Country Music Television. Irrespective of how much country music you’ll actually find on Country Music Television, there’s little doubt what the rules of the game here are.

To all Southerners ashamed to embrace their identity: the government is naming us, and targeting us, and shaming us. Their outlets are mocking us, and all we’re doing is what we feel the best, most prudent, and right thing is to do. We’re only deciding to be careful, and this is not good enough for Joe Biden, NPR, or Russell Moore at the SBC, for that matter.

Saint Elizabeth of Thuringia, patroness of nurses and hospitals; Saint Walburga, patroness of those caught in storms, and renowned for great healing power, ora pro nobis!