Louisiana Teacher Confronts the Board Over Castration Curriculum

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The first casualty of war is truth; it’s a maxim as old as war itself.

Leftist elements have been at war with God, and Western civilization by proxy, for many more decades than people are aware. The educational establishment playing ethnic minorities against White people is just a replay of rich Bolsheviks playing the poor against the middle class. Erasing America’s Anglo-Saxon heritage from education is the same as when the Bolsheviks wiped away the “Holy Rus” and a thousand years of Greco-Christian heritage. And don’t even get us started on the war against Confederate monuments.

Southerners are starting to see more and more that there is a war afoot, not just for our government, but for our souls. Take away somebody’s heritage and their identity, make them hate themselves, and you own them. That’s why they want our kids.

One Louisiana teacher has some questions about all of this, and has given voice to the concerns of millions of parents whose children are victimized by the ruling system.

From the Daily Caller:

“[Jonathan] Koeppel has been teaching public education for three years and decided it was time to speak out against gender identity education.

‘I was really shocked when I found out that a children’s program was promoting this idea that there are infinite genders to children,’ Koeppel told the Daily Caller. ‘When I saw this was happening I realized that kids in my area were being exposed this I said you know what I am not going to be quiet about it. I am going to make a very firm stance.'” (Read the entire piece here; it goes into depth about what this teacher has seen and experienced as an educational insider.)

We should expect the wave of concerned teachers and parents to crest as the months go by. People don’t like crazy. The blasphemous ceremony surrounding the deceased gangster George Floyd was only the beginning of this strange new religious frenzy out of Yankeeland. This thing is going to wash into the schools, into popular music, and you should expect them to make a movie out of it sometime soon, with “gentle giant” George paired against an evil White cop. We should be prepared to defend true history, true learning and education, and true identity, against the lies that we know will pour forth from Leftist outlets over the coming months.

Saint Bede the Venerable, patron of historians, and of the English-speaking peoples, ora pro nobis!