Lubbock, Texas Becomes Unborn Children’s Sanctuary City

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Texas has been a “purple state,” to use the parlance of party politics, for many years.

Since the immigration invasion during and after the Reagan era, Texas has been shifting its political and cultural center towards California and Mexico. Part of that shift means that it has become more difficult for officials to enact policies in concord with the common good without some combination of interest group or ethnic pandering. Urban areas are dominated by politically Leftist groups; the Rio Grande Valley is dominated by sectarian and ethnic interests of Hispanics; the Texan countryside otherwise is ran by Anglo-Protestant voters, most of whom alongside the Tejano community have the longest generational history in the state.

Those three groups are regularly in political enmity, and as a result many big issues are kicked down to the local level in order to avoid state-level officials scandalizing their benefactors. This isn’t always how Texas was governed. Leaving rhetoric of the so-called “New South” aside, here is an example of what happens when the “Old South” decides to make moral pronouncements in legal matters, as was once the obvious custom in the Southern States.

From Breitbart:

“Lubbock, Texas, became the largest city in the United States to declare itself a ‘sanctuary city for the unborn,’ the 26th in the nation to outlaw abortion.

Mark Lee Dickson, director of Right to Life of East Texas and founder of the Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn Initiative, wrote at Live Action News Sunday that the citizens of Lubbock voted to pass an ordinance Saturday, making abortion illegal within the city’s limits.

According to Dickson, the vote was 62.64 percent (21,400 votes) in favor of the ordinance and 37.54 percent (12,860 votes) opposed.

The ordinance states:

It shall be unlawful for any person to procure or perform an abortion of any type and at any stage of pregnancy in the City of Lubbock, Texas … It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly aid or abet an abortion that occurs in the City of Lubbock, Texas.” (Read the whole piece at this link.)

One important detail to note is the Right to Life director for East Texas; East Texas is traditionally the most “Southern” region of Texas, and also the most “conservative.” The current sitting Bishop in the diocese of Tyler, covering East Texas, is the well-known Joseph Strickland. He, like many in the city of Lubbock, also preaches the truth about abortion. Bishop Joseph Strickland sure doesn’t talk with a New Yorker’s accent, either.

As we watch Texas’ government go the way of Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina, we should be careful to see how the people of Texas react. Whether resistance to the politics of Leftist transplants and foreign populations strengthens as Texas diverges, or softens, will in large part determine the future of that very dignified state. Whether Texas stays Texas will largely come down to whether Texans decide to organize on behalf of their interests, starting with ending human sacrifice in the form of the industrial-scale murder of the unborn.