More Pop Satanism from… Converse Shoes

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From Newsbusters:

“Legitimate satanism seems to be a growing trend in pop culture these days. As society seems to lose all moral footing, it’s no coincidence that musicians, influencers and mainstream shoe companies are embracing their infernal sides and selling it to kids.

The latest promotion of Lucifer comes from classic footwear brand Converse. In an advertisement for its latest limited edition line of sneakers, the company thought using a pentagram – a classic symbol of witchcraft and devil worship – was a hip idea. Hey, pop star Lil Nas X had sex with the devil in a music video and it got hundreds of millions of views. Maybe this way Converse can sell millions of shoes… it just has to be ok with selling its soul to the devil.”

Saint Louis IX, King of France, ora pro nobis!