Oklahoma is Not OK With Anti-White Curriculum

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Well, we called it.

Anybody who can remember where the above image came from can probably also intuit that Oklahoma isn’t a friend to Yankee imperialism. Oklahoma is the latest of the Southern States fighting the good fight against the results America’s education system being taken over by Leftists and perverts. Having embedded themselves in the public schools, Leftists and co. had a coming-out party over the past year…in front of our kids.

For review:

We had male prostitutes in kindergartens, sex toy demos for kids at the carnival, masturbation PSA’s for first graders, and unashamedly anti-White indoctrination.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that it’s been an all-out assault on sanity this year, and bucking the recently-exposed sellouts to his South, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has decided to do something about it.

From Muskogee Politico:

“[Kevin] West notes that much of the curriculum, often referred to as ‘Critical Race Theory’ is based on Marxist ideology that is designed to teach children to hate American exceptionalism and distrust others based on skin color or sex. Additionally it teaches that most laws and systems in America are historically rooted in the racist oppression of people of color and other marginalized groups. It promotes the theory of implicit bias and inherent racism due to one’s skin color.

West stressed that the bill in no way stops the teaching of history or anything currently in Oklahoma education standards, including curriculum that shows historical examples of racism or genocide or any other subject that might stir strong feelings in students. In fact, he says these examples from history absolutely should be taught. What the bill does do is stop the forced programming of students to give predetermined answers to certain questions leading them to say they are inherently racist or sexist because of the color of their skin or their gender. It also stops teachers or professors from being able to intimate that a student must feel a certain way because of their heritage.” (Here’s the whole piece; give it a look.)

The next logical step forward from banning Leftist curriculum would be to follow Florida’s example and start implementing school choice, or to smash the teachers’ unions. Not living in the swampy wonderland still doesn’t stop this news from being good news for any Okie in contact with his sanity.

Child predators are drastically more likely (see Chicago, and Massachusetts, and California) to be found in public schools than the Catholic Church, but that doesn’t stop the regime from defaming the faithful while indoctrinating our children to hate their heritage, their Faith, and their ancestors. Regardless of whatever anti-Catholic hysterics some on the internet may promote, the faithful have a legitimate dog in the fight against Leftist indoctrination, just like anybody else. This is a teaching moment for those who jumped on the anti-Catholic sex abuse bandwagon while their kids were being taught in-district. Oklahoma sees abuse in public schools, and in this instance, she’s decided to fight it.

Hats off to Oklahoma for their moral courage, and may Heaven be with us all in this strife.

Saint Bede the Venerable, patron of historians, and of the English-speaking peoples, ora pro nobis!