On the New Ministry of ‘Catechist’

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Briefly commenting on a recent issue in the clergy, here’s Whispers of Restoration explaining the what and the why behind the recent decision to institute the new ministry of “catechist”:

“Pope Francis has unexpectedly just ‘established’ the new ‘ministry’ of catechist, vis. the generally unexpected and problematically entitled motu proprio Antiquum ministerium, issued today (text here).

The entire theo-historical premise upon which the document is built – encapsulated in the opening sentence of the document – may be considered a bold-faced lie. There was never any ‘ministry’ of catechist in ‘antiquity’; at least, not in the properly theological sense of the term, which is of necessity connected to sacramental Orders.

First, we must remind all of the tactic of linguistic novelty. Language is everything. The abuse of the term ministry is not a minor issue.

Second, this entire operation looks an awful lot like what military science calls a force-multiplier. It is right in line with the strategies already outlined in the Vatican’s Directory for Catechesis issued last year (a text that continues to go woefully unexamined; to date, the only deep-dive that we’re aware of being that featured at WOR here, here, and here).

…if you were an occupying military force and became aware that a large portion of non-combatants were suddenly joining the fight on the side of the natives, such that your position was going to be predictably overwhelmed in the short term or outlasted in the long term, you might task your special forces operatives with the Priority 1 Initiative of creating local forces.” (The entire piece is here.)

Be watchful, friends. There are powerful people who know that the Church wants to end the adulterous union with Modernism and return to her Divine Spouse. They aren’t above political strategies to keep that from happening, and as we’re going to report soon, they aren’t above closing thriving parishes either.

Saint Athanasius, defender of orthodoxy, ora pro nobis!