Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort

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One of the greatest Saints in the history of the Church, Saint Louis de Montfort is a particularly powerful Saint for our times, and for catechumens to be educated about.

From America Needs Fatima:

“Louis Grignion de Montfort was born in Brittany, France on January 31, 1673. From an early age he showed signs of spiritual maturity, and at the age of twelve entered the college of St. Thomas Becket in Rennes. There, a fire was lit within him inflaming in him a desire to become a missionary preacher. He was ordained in Paris in the year 1700.

He preached tirelessly in various cities and towns, incurring the displeasure of many ecclesiastics infected with the heresy of Jansenism. Traveling to Rome, he put his case before Pope Clement XI who named him Missionary Apostolic to France.

Louis de Montfort is specially known for his ardent devotion to the Mother of God, and his treatise, True Devotion to Mary, is one of the Church’s greatest devotional treasures.” (Read the whole thing here.)

True devotion to Mary isn’t just the title of a great spiritual classic; it’s the solution to the spiritual malaise of the South in this age. In the era of the self-destruction of the Southern Baptist Convention, the death of “mainline” Protestantism, and the rise of militant secularism in the culture industry, Our Lady’s promises at Fatima are only revealed as more and more real. The South is at a crossroads as America’s historic culture breaks down, and we’re left to wonder where our future lies as the tides rise.