The TLM Gets a Magnificat-Style Mass Companion

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Benedictus, a monthly Mass and breviary companion based on the 1962 Roman Missal and published by Sophia Institute Press, is aimed at new and experienced Latin Mass-goers.

When a call went out for subscribers for a new Traditional Latin Mass companion publication, the publisher reached its initial goal of 5,000 in less than six weeks. And they are still four months away from mailing the first issue.

I was surprised at how quickly it took off,” said Charlie McKinney, president of Sophia Institute Press and the idea man behind Benedictus, a monthly Mass and breviary companion based on the 1962 Roman Missal. “I thought we’d hit five by August, otherwise I wouldn’t have launched the project.”

Anyone familiar with the Magnificat line of companion booklets for the Novus Ordo Mass will immediately recognize the size and focus of Benedictus. The 5″x7″ Benedictus includes all of the Mass texts for daily and Sunday Traditional Latin Masses, including the asperges, confiteor, introit, collect, Kyrie, Gloria, epistle, gradual, tract, Gospel, offertory, secret, Communion, post-Communion and prayer over the people. The prayers are set in an easy-to-read format with no flipping between sections required (as is necessary with a hand missal).

Sophia Institute Press asked readers to sign up at $5 per month, with regular distribution beginning with the August 2021 issue, scheduled for mailing in July. Early subscribers received a 120-page sample issue in March, along with a copy of The Holy Bread of Eternal Life, a new book by theologian Peter Kwasniewski. Sophia Institute Press arranged to have 80 parishes put sample copies of Benedictus out in the back of their churches in mid-March. McKinney said potential subscribers could quickly tell that Benedictus was no ordinary publication.

“We’ve been very fortunate. This thing has been so easy; maybe one of the easiest product launches we’ve ever done,” he said. “It’s just gone very smooth. Everybody’s behind it. It has been wonderful.” Read more…