Virginia Parish Continues Perpetual Adoration Despite Lockdown

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Amid the COVID scare campaign, many Bishops of the Church declared access to the Sacraments to be inessential, even before their respective governments forced them to close their parishes’ doors. In as confusing a situation as has been created by media hysteria, political dishonesty, and clerical ambiguity, one parish in Virginia, the Sacred Heart Parish in Winchester, has decided that the Sacraments are anything but “inessential.”

From Our Sunday Visitor:

“In the Washington area, silence is an elusive thing. Helicopters roar overhead, car horns blare and music plays.

But after the din of the day subsides, the world grows quieter.

It’s in these overnight hours, when most Virginians are sleeping, that Weldon Barry said she finds her serenity at the adoration chapel of her parish.

‘It’s just wonderful, just the calmness,’ said Barry, a parishioner at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Winchester.

Many parishes in the Arlington diocese have offered extended adoration hours during the pandemic. However, Sacred Heart of Jesus is one of just a few diocesan parishes, along with Our Lady of Angels Parish in Woodbridge, that have been able to maintain perpetual adoration throughout the pandemic.

At a time when Mass attendance is still capacity-limited, adoration offers parishioners a chance to spend more time in church. And that time has helped in other ways, said Father Bjorn Lundberg, pastor of Sacred Heart of Jesus.” (Read the whole thing here.)

If Perpetual Adoration is offered near you, then go to it. Nourishment from the Blessed Sacrament is a vital part of the Catholic Faith, and for the faithful to be fighting for it in spite of the orders of political officials is a wholesome thing.