Who Actually Won the Cold War?

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Who won the Cold War? It’s a pertinent question. Washington DC hands out edicts against Christianity and private health care, discriminates against White farmers and small businessmen in relief funding, and preaches the message of sexual revolution, “liberation,” and “equal rights” worldwide. Medical terminology is deployed against political dissidents. Does this sound familiar? Because it should.

From Reckonin’:

“Who won the Cold War? The Communists or the Capitalists? Actually, they both have won it. There was never that much difference between them to begin with, which was a central message of the Southern Agrarians almost a century ago. The Communist/Capitalists now are the U.S. regime. They have been converging for many years and are now completely consolidated and completely in control.

The capitalists (the bankers and stockjobbers, to use the terminology of early Americans) now control a vast and ever increasing share of the wealth while the workers get poorer and poorer. Capitalists serve the purposes of the Communists and even bankroll them. Nobody seems to have pointed out that the Biden regime resembles the Leninist takeover of Russia.

The regime in power cares no more about the rank and file of Americans than Lenin and Trotsky cared about the 2 million or more farmers that Lenin and Trotsky exterminated in the early 1930s. This contempt for the masses arises in both cases, American and Soviet, from the urban pseudo-intellectual class of party faithful who think of themselves as superior to the ordinary. Stalin even purged the armed forces of potential enemies of the regime, something the present rulers intend.

There is one difference. The Soviets claimed to be committing their crimes on behalf of the proletariat, the working class.

Now the Communists have completely abandoned the excuse of the proletariat. Now it is the minorities they have mobilised to destroy society. The Bidenites are still working out of the same Leninist playbook, but with different clients.” (Read the whole thing here.)

The 20th Century’s horrors were ultimately a vindication of the Southern Cause. The first modern war was fought in North America against centralized secular government weaponized against the people, put to work exterminating Christianity and yeomanry, and spreading empire worldwide. The prototype was put into action, and Progressivism from Lincoln and Grant to Wilson and forward has spent the past era fulfilling their many wicked promises.

Are we better off? We apparently stood down world Bolshevism only for Mensheviks to take over our own government and society. The longer, more subtle game by the children of Marx and Marcuse won out in the end. We are living today with the living remnants of a successful revolution against Christ and natural law, carried out in slow-motion. How this was done is explained very well here. The errors or Russia have spread; now we either return to the Faith or our country will be lost, along with the rest of the ship. God has, as always, placed the choice in our hands.