Why Are Catholics Fighting Their Own Tradition?

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From Gloria TV:

“In a July 29 piece about Traditiones custodes, PillarCatholic.com attacks those “sirenic voices” calling for “disobedience,” or “casting into doubt the authority of the Vicar of Christ” – a title, Francis refuses to uphold.

The webpage was started in 2021 by two canon lawyers, JD Flynn and Ed Condon. The article, written by Flynn names Cardinal Burke, Bishops Mutsaerts and Bishop Schneider.

Flynn even believes that priests who “actually refuse obedience could find themselves in the practical circumstance of schism” [for celebrating the Mass of the Apostles while homosex Masses and liturgical abuses are a sign of communion with Francis?].

In a reply, Rorate-Caeli.blogspot.com explained to Flynn that the power of the “Vicar of Christ” is not arbitrary or despotic. The blog asks Flynn to withdraw his insinuation against the three Catholic prelates.”

Leaving aside the necessary question as to what interests our clergy are serving, it doesn’t take a genius to see that the Pillar is incorrect at the very least, in tis assertion. No Catholic is in schism for being Catholic. This is a long-settled canonical issue that was slammed shut even prior to Vatican II, and re-affirmed afterward in statements by numerous Cardinals and Vatican officials as regards the invalid excommunication of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in 1988.

Stay Catholic, and don’t be bullied. Our Lord will look out for us if we stay faithful to Him.

Saint Pius X, ora pro nobis!