Why Communion on the Tongue?

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With the rush of laypeople coming over to the Traditional Mass, and for the many newcomers from Protestantism who might not be sure about what Catholics believe about Holy Communion, here’s a post about why Catholics are encouraged to receive Holy Communion kneeling, and on the tongue.

The three main causes the authors identify are 1) to prevent the Body of Christ from being trampled on, 2) to prevent sacrilege/theft/abuse of the Blessed Sacrament, and 3) to display to God the deserved reverence.

From SSPX News, on the matter of reverence:

“This presence in the host of the most sacred of mysteries, the presence of God Himself, of Our Lord Jesus Christ in person, is particularly well expressed symbolically when only the sacred ministers, who have been consecrated especially by the rite of ordination, touch the holy species with their hands. This is a remarkably effective symbolic rite for expressing the difference between ordinary bread (which everyone is used to touching in everyday life) and Eucharist bread, the sacred bread, which consecrated ministers alone may touch. Everyone spontaneously understands the meaning of this rite, including the child who cannot yet read.

This is, without a doubt, the main motive for the change in practice made by the Church more than a millennium ago: to express more vividly and more clearly the faith of the Church in the real presence of Christ.” (Read the entire post at this link; it’s very informative.)

In the age of pandemic hysteria, our first goal should be to not back down when those more weak-willed among us push for quarantine conditions in the parishes. God deserves our respect, and His Body deserves our reverent treatment.

All those holy saints dedicated to the Holy Eucharist, ora pro nobis!