Biden Signals the End of the Culture War

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It might not look like it, but the culture war is nearly over.

The Left is about to achieve a final victory.

Neo-conservatives waged a yearlong fight against anti-White curriculum, euphemistically dubbed “critical race theory” by Leftists, and in one fell swoop, the teachers’ unions have announced their intention to preach the anti-White gospel in every American classroom. The Right brought submachine guns to a nuclear war.

Donald Trump took the Presidency and appointed supposedly reactionary generals across his administration: John Kelly, H.R. McMaster, James Mattis, and more. All of these men ended up being open borders zealots (McMaster and Kelly), or pro-Silicon Valley partisans of the GOP establishment’s permanent war agenda (Mattis). Trump was hung by his own friends. Many of those same military apparatchiks were the ones priming the gun for the LGBT takeover of American armed services.

For that point, Donald Trump was elected as a reactionary antidote to the Obama-era Cultural Revolution. Trump would steal millions of dollars from his followers, preach the LGBT agenda worldwide, oversee a year of uninterrupted race riots, appoint two SCOTUS judges more Leftist than John Roberts, ban bump stocks, OK the COVID scare campaign and national lockdowns, promote Anthony Fauci, Gary Cohn, and Mike Pence to the heights of government. DACA, legal abortion, gay “marriage,” and open borders, are all still law. Trump fired the only people who could ensure election integrity (Jeff Sessions and Kris Kobach), and then complained when the election was stolen from him.

The medical industry, utterly discredited post-COVID, now plans to monopolize the country’s children, and wrest “trans veto power” from “bigoted” parents.

From WM Briggs:

“That doesn’t mean that you have to surrender, though. It does mean that you will have to continue your fight underground. More on that below.

Like all wars in their final phase, there will always be pockets of fighting that continue, though with diminishing strength and frequency. Skirmishes will still occur, even after treaties (Diversity oaths, etc.) have been signed. Local uprisings will happen, only to be put down. Some territories, lucky to be at the peripheries, might manage to break off and go their own way…

Again like in actual wars, most of the fighting was in regions strategically and tactically important. The devastation in these areas is heavy. (Think about what happened to government and education.) Yet some places remain almost unaffected and serene. (For example, traditional and quiet religious orders.)

Some still have hope the war can be won, as seen in this headline: ‘Christopher Rufo says he’s outmaneuvering ‘hostile media’ on [Caucasians Require Termination]…” (The entire post can be read at this link.)

On pockets of resistance:

“Conservatives” are going to have to admit that the only two victories of the Right in America have been won on libertarian grounds, by icky Christian fundamentalists and segregationists on the one hand (home-schooling and private schooling); and on the other by the kinds of people that the Republican Party privately calls “paranoid conspiracy theorists” but who we call “gun-owning Southerners.” That would be the fight for gun rights. The only people to have won any concrete victory for Catholic Tradition in the past 60 years have been ridiculed as “schismatics” by the conservative establishment, and that group is the SSPX.

Unfortunately for mainstream conservatives’ Leftist-inspired sense of respectability, what this means is that the only people who can save their hides are gun owners, homeschoolers, Protestant fundamentalists, “racists,” and Traditional Catholics. They’re the only people who have ever actually fought the Leftist takeover of the country, and if the same people promoting child castration, cultural genocide of the South, and state-education in anti-White hatred are calling these people “bigots,” “racists,” or “cult members,” you can safely bet that they’re the only people that the Right can count on.

And remember, anyone to the Right of Mitt Romney is now a “White supremacist” in Biden’s America.

Dear Reader: Whether you’re Southern or not, we’re all about to learn what it feels like. This is the Third Reconstruction.

Saint Andrew, Patron Saint of the South, ora pro nobis!