Boston Court Seizes Family’s Child to Force Vaccination

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Blue states are the laboratories of Leftist experimentation. Anything that ferments in a Blue state long enough will be exported to Red states: gay unions, bans on ranching, federal gov’t eminent domain, and now child castration and forced vaccination, being just a few.

Here’s the news from Boston from the Liberty Daily, with an accompanying video. Ignore the plugs from the Pillow guy:

For months, we’ve been warning people that Covid-19 “vaccine” totalitarianism would eventually lead to government taking our kids if we don’t let them get the jab. Well, it’s happening.

Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of the very mRNA technology used in Pfizer and Moderna injections, was on with Steve Bannon on War Room today to explain the situation that’s unfolding in Boston, MA. A 14-year-old child who wants to be vaccinated could not get her parents’ permission, so the court has stepped in and revoked custody in order for her to get vaccinated without their consent.

“So, I’ve been called to testify as an expert witness in a court in Boston. The child who has been removed from their parents’ custody, a 14-year-old,” Malone said. “And the legal system is insisting on vaccinating this 14-year-old.

“The mother is objecting, and she’s a very senior Biotech executive,” Malone continued. “She’s highly informed. She’s made the decision not to vaccinate her child based upon the data. The courts have removed custody and are trying to force the child to accept vaccination. They’re so worked up, the parents have the capital, they’re going to fly me up to Boston to testify in court.”

Stay safe out there, folks. The Blue hammer is only going to come down harder on faithful Christians as the regime currently represented by Joe Biden consolidates for its Great Reset. They aren’t expecting the Great Judgment, but that’s our job: keep your soul clean and your families safe.

Saint Walburga, ora pro nobis!