Can Louisiana Be Restored in Christ?

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New Orleans is a strange cross of Southern beauty and social eyesore.

People who aren’t from Louisiana think of New Orleans as the crown jewel of the Gulf Coast, but locals know different. Crime, prostitution, paganism, gang activity, and Leftist rule are a bad combo, but a combo they are.

From the Hayride:

This is something which has been quietly building for a while, but nobody really wanted to talk about it. It’s starting to become unmistakable, and coming out of the year-long chokehold LaToya Cantrell’s administration applied to the industry with COVID as a justification the restaurant industry in the Big Easy seems to be coming to an unpleasant realization that they aren’t in a welcoming place anymore.

We had the infuriating story of what happened to the Lula Restaurant Distillery, which is being sued by a family of barbarians who paraded their 17-year-old daughter around for photographs inside the restaurant wearing a bikini top with nothing over it and then proceeded to abuse the owner of the place for having objected to that violation of the dress code…

Well, when carjackings are up 300 percent and murders are up 350 percent, and you’re trying to attract tourists with money to come and spend it in your fancy restaurant, there seems to be a bit of a disconnect between your ability to do your job and the city’s ability to provide an atmosphere in which that’s possible… the leadership of New Orleans aren’t just incompetents who don’t know how to fix things and are really trying hard. They’re something else.

One gentleman from Reckonin’ has the following to say:

We see it mentioned with depressing regularity: New Orleans is a mess. Is there a way to revive what was once one of the leading cities of the South?

That depends on the solutions offered. A merely materialistic approach – good jobs with good pay, good housing, better policing, etc. – will not get us very far. It is part of the answer, but man is body and soul, not just a body. If we tend to the body but neglect the spiritual side of man, we will get an imbalance in society, which breeds societal illnesses – just like an imbalance in a single body breeds illness there. This is why, for instance, we see euthanasia increasing in wealthy American and European States/countries: Though they are awash in material comforts, they have no will to live because the Christian faith is collapsing.

We need to build with both hands, so to speak – the material and the spiritual. There are examples in Christian history we can look to for guidance and inspiration.

He goes on to mention a jumbled combo of Protestant and Eastern schismatic clerics as examples of Christian tradition, which is a growing trend in Southern advocacy: conflating Protestantism’s independent strain with the Eastern schism’s professed traditionalism and implied connections with “based” Putin and Russia.

Nobody in this discussion has mentioned that Louisiana is a historically Catholic state in a region founded by high church attendees.

You’re not going to rebuild Louisiana with contrived spiritualities and importing Russian cultural customs. You’re not going to rebuild Louisiana by re-imposing an increasingly liberal Protestantism from the apostate Southern Baptist Convention. It takes God, and that means the people faithful to His Church and the Tradition He imparted to us.

For example, from LifeSite:

Louisiana has passed legislation that ensures St. Joseph will be recognized annually on May 1 on St. Joseph the Worker Day…

Senate Resolution 116, introduced and signed this spring, declared “that the Senate of the Legislature of Louisiana does hereby recognize May first of each calendar year as a day to be observed to honor the working men and women in Louisiana, who get up every day and work hard to provide for and lift-up their families, their communities, the state of Louisiana, and the United States of America.”

The legislation “urge[s] and request[s] the executive branch of the state of Louisiana, to the extent practical, to cause an appropriate celebration on May first of each calendar year to bring recognition and appreciation to the dignity of all working men and women in Louisiana.”

“There is an authentic passion and zeal in spreading this St. Joseph devotion in Louisiana that I have personally witnessed,” state senator Fred Mills said about his resolution. “I was grateful to be a part of memorializing this effort at the state level for generations to come!”

So let’s try some Saint Joseph manhood instead. Southern men can do a lot worse than going into the trades, keeping your body nutritionally healthy and physically fit, staying close to Our Lady, and staying faithful to Christ, and His holy Tradition.

Saint Joseph the Worker, ora pro nobis!