Congratulations: The Left Has Invented Covid Hate Hoaxes

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We’re not kidding either.

From LifeSite News:

Tennessee’s former vaccine chief may have mailed herself a dog muzzle she claims she received as an intimidation tactic, according to evidence unearthed by a recent investigative probe.

Dr. Michelle Fiscus, formerly the state’s medical director of vaccine-preventable diseases and immunization, told CNN in July that she was fired over a disagreement concerning the vaccination of children without parental consent.

Fiscus was terminated shortly afterwards, but later claimed that prior to her firing, she received an anonymous package at her state office. She and her husband Brad told CNN that the package contained a dog muzzle, and that when asked, Amazon would not reveal who sent it.

But Axios reports that the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security “found through a subpoena that the Amazon package containing the muzzle traced back to a credit card in Fiscus’ name.”

The Jussie Smollett Hoax, the Tulsa Race Hoax, the Canadian Graveyards Hoax, the Tuam Babies Hoax, Virginia Tech Mattress Girl, the Wisconsin Arson Hoax, the NASCAR Noose Hoax, the George Floyd Murder Hoax, and now the Tennessee Muzzle Hoax.


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