Covid and Catholicism in Texas: What’s the Damage?

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The regime’s manipulation of public health rhetoric has had a disastrous effect on the Church in the South. Republican Governors, ostensibly representing Southerners, have more often than not allowed Leftist viciousness to proceed while the public was distracted. Arkansas went through with child castration, abortion restrictions have been struck down by (Republican-appointed) justices, and anti-White “critical race theory” updates have been pushed out to the functionaries in public education as schools force children into medically harmful and psychologically damaging masks. Bishops have shuttered their parishes, and the number of faithful who attend Mass regularly has fallen by half. The immigration/human trafficking racket continues uninterrupted amid this “pandemic,” and Southern states await being inundated by Afghan “refugees” while the public’s freedom of movement is strongly restricted.

Let’s take one state as a microcosm: Texas.

The media was just forced to walk back their false death numbers about the “Delta variant” in Texas, overwhelmingly powered by vaccinated individuals’ being re-infected with Covid. From Just the News:

A story claiming that the Covid-19 death rate in Texas hit a high not seen since March 2020 has been corrected.

Axios had claimed that the Lone Star state’s “seven-day coronavirus death rate reaches its highest levels since March 2020,” a claim that was walked back on Monday.

The amended article now reads, “Editor’s note: This story has been corrected to show Texas’s seven-day coronavirus death rate is at its highest levels since March 2021 (not March 2020).”

The outlet, a neoconservative venture, then goes on to validate scientifically disproven claims about a “Delta variant surging in Southern states.” Chicken Little gets back to old habits.

The government schools in San Antonio have announced that all teachers and staff are now subject to a vaxx mandate. From the Texas Tribune:

The San Antonio Independent School District will require all staff to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, its superintendent, Pedro Martinez, said in a letter to staff Monday. It is believed to be the first large Texas school district to implement a vaccine requirement for its employees…

About 90% of San Antonio ISD employees are vaccinated, Martinez said in his letter to staff. Employees who have not yet received vaccine shots are required to be fully vaccinated by Oct. 15.

Given the Leftist content of the government schools system, a 90% vaxx rate isn’t surprising. The need to buck a Republican Governor posturing for re-election, however, is very strong, and therefore San Antonio has to send a message, and keep up the fear campaign.

Meanwhile, the Bishop of Brownsville has used Covid scaremongering to excuse and enable the human trafficking racket which juices Hispanic voter/welfare numbers and Catholic Charities’ funding. From the National Catholic Register:

Despite the challenging circumstances, Bishop Daniel Flores says the Catholic Church’s call to serve vulnerable people who cross the Rio Grande into his diocese remains the same — even if it needs to be adapted to current legal and public health constraints.

“Our first responsibility is to deal with the people who are right in front of us,” Bishop Flores, the shepherd of the Diocese of Brownsville, told the Register. “We can’t pretend that [these immigrants] are not here.”

Poor, tired and often unsure of how to reach family members in other parts of the U.S., immigrants entering southern Texas receive shelter and support from local Catholics. The Humanitarian Respite Center, run by Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, is the Diocese of Brownville’s main apostolate to the migrant community.

Catholic Charities Rio Grande Valley is looking to expand their facilities to accommodate the numbers they’re now typically seeing, says executive director Sister Norma Piementel.

Already at the limit of whom they can serve, Catholic Charities has faced additional challenges in recent weeks as COVID-19 has spiked in southern Texas, with hospitalization rates reaching previous peak levels.

…And then the scaremongering continues, as does the decline of a once-great, Southern state. The Biden regime, the Leftist NGO complex, the military, and Big Pharma, are all in on funding, equipping, enabling, and justifying the immigration racket, and the Covid racket. Meanwhile, many parishes are still shuttered, dioceses aren’t giving their flock religious exemptions to Fauci’s experimental injections, and actual Southerners remain un-evangelized as foreigners take first place in the diversity totem pole.

Only one bishop seems to have the right idea, and it’s a man we’ve quoted before: Bishop Joseph Strickland of Tyler, Texas.

From LifeSite News:

Bishop Joseph Strickland issued a warning in the latest episode of The Bishop Strickland Show to nations and persons of authority around the world who are promoting abortion, homosexuality, and oppressing ordinary citizens. His Excellency is warning that we are suffering as a world because of our sins and failing to recognize God as the Creator and true author of life.

“We are in the midst of a chastisement because we’re destroying the lives of children, we are massacring unborn children, and at a rate that has never been seen before in history,” he exclaimed to co-host Terry Barber.

His Excellency added that despite this chastisement from God, our creator “still loves us” and is calling on every individual to come back to Him.

Strickland pointed out that sadly too many politicians and authorities are not realizing these problems and continue to manipulate mankind.

Bishop Strickland affirmed that the world’s salvation can’t ever come from “the controls of the state or the controls of mandates.”

That’s the essence of the contrast. Is the Church an NGO with robes, or the Mystical Body of Christ? Are we going to convert the South or ethnically cleanse it to juice the numbers? Are we going to defend unborn children or legalize their murder? Is God less important than “public health”?

Pray for Texas, pray for the bishops, and pray for the Church.

Saint Pius X, ora pro nobis!