CRT in Schools is Only the First Step

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Fake history kills.

People start by believing, for example, the Tulsa Race Hoax. The next step is when the regime sees an opportunity, race riots get kicked up and Tulsa, Oklahoma gets turned into a burned-out ghetto. Communities, lives, and livelihoods are destroyed.

The same goes for the history of the South more generally. The myth that the South was an anarchic, genocidal, lynching zone has been the inspiration for cultural genocide, racial hatred, riots, mob violence, and state-sponsored waves of arson and protest.

These lies are now so easy to find and disprove that most of them don’t deserve recognition. One illustrative example comes from Gail Jarvis at Reckonin’:

For roughly the last half-century, history reporting has been seriously politicized. Politicized historians make no attempt to be impartial and they interpret the past in the way that best accommodates the present. Also they don’t view America favorably and tend to make racism our most significant problem. And, of course, they claim slavery was the sole cause of the Civil War.

It might be informative to scrutinize a typical politicized historian. A classic example is media favorite Karen Cox, professor of history at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Her trendy, partisan versions of history and culture are exactly what the establishment wants to read. The establishment’s villains and heroes are also hers. Cox’s primary villain is the antebellum South which she excoriates for its use of slaves.

Cox holds the South alone responsible for American slavery and insists that Southern heritage shouldn’t be celebrated. For her, Confederate memorials are simply reminders of the Jim Crow era and lynchings. She states; “People do not want to see the connection between the Jim Crow period and these monuments,” But, Cox claims, an increase in Confederate monuments parallels an increase in lynchings. Yes, you read that correctly. Confederate memorials do not honor heroes but inspire lynchings.

Court historians, whose term of art comes form the eunuchs of ancient China, castrated for opposing the emperor, repeat the line of the ruling regime. They don’t teach history. From the Jason Morgan at the Abbeville Institute:

Those who spurn the dominant paradigm always pay a heavy price. In the past, those in the history trade who refused to toe the party line and flatter the imperial mythos faced execution, gelding as in Sima Qian’s case, or exile. Until very recently exile or execution for personae non gratae of the historical persuasion remained common. Charles Beard, Harry Elmer Barnes, David Irving, William Appleman Williams, John Koster, John V. Denson, M. Stanton Evans, James J. Martin, and everyone who questions the “official” history on Twitter or Facebook has faced the usual shunning by the in-crowd. Our dissident friends in the Soviet Union, North Korea, Southeast Asia, and Latin America have fared much worse. Disagreeing with the court historians without suffering any consequences has been unheard of throughout history. We know this because the court historians have been at great pains to tell us so…

Alert readers will recall that the court historians who while away the hours on luxury cruises were among the most fanatical cheerleaders of the Yankee Empire. There was no land too foreign for the Yankees to carpet bomb and then bring in to the Washington grift network. “Huzzah!” cried the court historians. “Long live ‘limited government’!” I watched a passel of court historians on Fox News over the years, goading Leviathan on to its next conquest. Never saw a court historian at a military funeral, but never mind.

Conservative, Inc.’s parasitism should alert us to a much more important truth than the remember-good-old-Normandy platitudes of the cruise ship set. Cruise ship historians are a nostalgic relic of a time when being a court historian meant sucking up to Washington and not Beijing. But since Beijing is now Washington’s parent company, what difference does it make if the old court historians are kept around on retainer, placed in a luxurious holding pattern forever giving speeches about Dunkirk and Gettysburg? “A prophet is not without honor, but in his own country, and in his own house, and among his own kindred,” said Jesus Christ. If that logic still holds, then it makes perfect sense why the “prophets” of Washington’s once and future glory are feted by the rich and powerful of the realm.

Regime mouth-piece historians are a longstanding tool for imperialism, and particularly, for revolutionary socialism. Be reminded of how the battle over public schools, and Marxists’ wishes to indoctrinate children against Christ with those schools, created a nationwide wave of state-sponsored violence, lynchings, and anti-Catholic persecution. From Luis Medina at One Peter Five:

In February 1917, before Our Lady of Fatima, and before the Soviets took over Russia, the Communists targeted Mexico first. In it we find the first socialist constitution in the history of the world (Royal, Catholic Martyrs of the Twentieth Century, 15). The Mexican government knew that a direct confrontation with the Church would be futile, so they focused their efforts in one particular area: public schooling.

Here is where the real conflict started. Until then it was the Church who provided education to its parishioners according to the dogmas of the Church, but in harmony with the State. The Church’s sphere of influence was always present to the average Mexican. All the major events of any person’s life (Baptism, schooling, First Holy Communion, Marriage, Funeral, etc.) were conducted by the Church.

Since such influence was an obstacle against the socialists, the new Mexican government attempted to strip the Church of her right to educate, and then fill the void with their Communist education. Although the new constitution of 1917 modified the law and aimed it against the Church, Venustiano Carranza (the leader the constitutional changes) shrewdly decided not to enforce the laws against Church education since Mexico had just come out years of a bloody civil war, and it was too soon to risk a reaction. Nevertheless, the anticlerical seed was planted and all it needed was time to germinate.

Sound familiar? Because it should. Public schools in America are teaching an anti-Christian, anti-Southern, and increasingly anti-White ideology that justifies White racial inferiority, BLM state-sponsored riots and arson, hate hoaxes, discrimination against Whites in employment, and the destruction of America by demographic social engineering. See the story of public school teacher Gabriel Gipe. Here’s a series of his quotes obtained by Project Veritas:

Gabriel Gipe, AP Government Teacher, Inderkum High School: “I have 180 days to turn them [students] into revolutionaries…Scare the f*ck out of them.”

“I’m probably as far left as you can go.”

“I post a calendar every week…I’ve had students show up for protests, community events, tabling, food distribution, all sorts of things…When they go, they take pictures, write up a reflection — that’s their extra credit.”

“So, they [students] take an ideology quiz and I put [the results] on the [classroom] wall. Every year, they get further and further left…I’m like, ‘These ideologies are considered extreme, right? Extreme times breed extreme ideologies.’ Right? There is a reason why Generation Z, these kids, are becoming further and further left.”

“I have an Antifa flag on my [classroom] wall and a student complained about that — he said it made him feel uncomfortable. Well, this [Antifa flag] is meant to make fascists feel uncomfortable, so if you feel uncomfortable, I don’t really know what to tell you. Maybe you shouldn’t be aligning with the values that this [Antifa flag] is antithetical to.”

As any observant Southerner will tell you, “conservatives” have been neutered as to how to respond, and have been unable to fight the Left for generations. But why? It’s because American “conservatism” is largely ran by ex-Communists who have never let go of their priors. This was the triumph of Communists over Southerners for the representative leadership of conservative philosophy. From Boyd Cathey, also at the Abbeville Institute:

Horrified and disillusioned by the further derailment of the socialist revolution, these “pilgrims from the Communist Left”—who were largely Jewish in origin—moved toward an explicit anti-Communism. Notable among them were Podhoretz and Kristol, both of whom had sons who would figure prominently in the current neoconservative establishment.

Embraced by an older generation of conservatives, and invited to write for conservative publications, the neoconservatives soon began to occupy positions of leadership and importance. More significantly they changed views associated with the older movement to mirror their own vision. For even though shell-shocked by the effects of Soviet Communism, they nevertheless brought with them a world view drawn from the Left. And they brought with them relentless zeal for furthering this worldview.

The need for real history never goes away. History, after all, is just the retelling of reality past. Our job is to do the same thing our ancestors did, even if more recent compatriots have forgotten what it was the duty of their society to teach them.

Saint Bede, ora pro nobis!