Faith, the Vaccine, and Mental Health

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Bishop Schneider has spoken out again on the Covid vaccine in light of the Catholic faith. We’ll quote Gloria TV below, where you can also find the video they’re getting his statements from:

Further, Schneider observed that Covid-19 vaccinations (20:00) are all contaminated with cell-lines from aborted children which will be the base for a horrible foetal industry. Therefore “it is not possible to take this vaccine.” Schneider also noticed that the vaccines are not tested sufficiently and that they can be a health hazard.

Father Dave Nix has also added his voice to this issue. You should read his entire post:

We all face such a fast news-cycle today that people are now forgetting the basics as to why one should not take the COVID-19 “vaccine.” As the mainstream media takes on a new propaganda program that would make even the old Soviet newspaper Pravda blush, let’s review several very basic reasons why you should not take the COVID-19 “vaccine:”

It was made from cell lines from aborted babies. These were real babies, as real as your children who never consented to be a part of a Frankenstein experiment to die in order to be injected into a billion people. And the best that Catholic moral theology pundits can say in response to this is essentially, “Yes, but they died a long time ago, so they don’t count.” Nice moral theology.

It might kill you. I can’t tell you how many texts I get every day from people telling me they know of someone sick or dying due to unknown causes after having the “second Pfizer.” As most of you know, VAERS now reports 11,900 dead from the vaccine. However, I suspect the rate is much higher than that. Of course, I believe COVID is a real virus, but when we consider how many flu deaths were subsumed into the putative COVID deaths in 2020, we have strong reason to believe the vaccine will kill many more people than the virus.

It is pushed by government coercion. That right there tells you it is not a medicine but a political project. No medicine for health ever needs coercion. Can you imagine in a real pandemic the government needing to use threats and treats to get a dying population to take a truly-healthy and life-giving medicine? Of course not.

It is going to be the first of dozens of jabs you need. This is especially true if you agree to the first. A nurse at the Children’s Hospital in Denver has admitted to a friend of mine that this will be at least a yearly event for children to need a new COVID “vaccine.” More shocking is that the UK’s Daily Mail reads: “Monthly vaccine doses will be offered to help more than 1 million Britons beat the illness.” That means that there is going to be no end to the experimental drugs the government wants to inject into your arm even before the first one has been FDA approved.

The faith and natural law are very clear on this issue.

Don’t succumb to Modernist hysteria on this issue either: modern life is full of people who don’t think with maturity, and lead people into danger. Faith, in contrast, is our guide. From Le Femmes, the Truth:

Without the guidance to find the answers, the humility to accept them, and the courage to implement them, the teenager has recourse to the inadequate and destructive solutions with which we are so familiar: running away from the problem by rebellion, seclusion, self-gratification, and the like. Instead of getting on his way through self-development, often the teenager undergoes spiritual atrophy and, in the worst case scenario, all too common today, remains a child for the rest of his life.

The government even wants to force this on you with bot farms. From

Social media algorithms are being used to not only identify and eliminate certain facts and truths, but these AI systems are also being used to promote certain types of propaganda, to brainwash the public into accepting falsehoods as if they are popular messages of truth. To make matters worse, unscrupulous operatives are using vaccine propaganda BOT FARMS to catapult Big Pharma’s lies across social media, to instill fear in the public and advocate for more government and corporate control over lives. The latest bot farm was caught spreading lies about the unvaccinated to garner public support for vaccine passports and a system of segregation against healthy, naturally-immune people.

Click the link above to see the screenshot of word-for-word copies of CDC propaganda spread by bot farms across social media.

Don’t get tricked by hysteria; think with the Faith first.

Stay safe, stay confessed, life weights, read books, and pray the Rosary.

Saint Peter Damian, ora pro nobis!