How to Get a Vaccine Exemption as a Catholic

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From Breitbart:

The National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC) published a statement Tuesday urging “accommodations” for people who do not wish to receive a coronavirus vaccine for reasons of conscience.

In its statement, the NCBC acknowledged “the complex and challenging decisions in conscience that institutions — including Catholic health care organizations — need to make not only for the sake of the persons they serve but also for the good of their employees.”

Some people are legitimately cautious about being injected with a new vaccine that has no medical history or proven effectiveness, while others are morally wary of the various vaccines’ dubious ties to past abortions.

The NCBC press release comes just days after Chicago Cardinal Blase Cupich reportedly sought to pressure the Center into reversing its position on mandatory vaccinations.

The Center’s endorsement has ruffled some rainbow feathers among the less committed of the faithful. We will link to the Center’s exemption letter, but after their preamble:

This resource explains how the Catholic Church’s teachings may lead individual Catholics to decline certain vaccines. It is intended for Catholics who have made a sure judgment in conscience to refuse a vaccine and should be adapted to fully reflect their beliefs and reasoning. It is not a decision-making guide and does not address all legal, medical, and moral considerations. The NCBC has provided such guidance here. It is not a determination that an exemption will be granted.

Get the letter here.

Stay safe, stay confessed, and stay prayerful.