Joe Biden: Heretic-In-Chief?

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Joe Biden’s recent declaration that “life does not begin at conception” is the final nail in the coffin for any claim to Biden’s assent to basic reality, to say nothing of the Catholic Faith. Our Lord Jesus Christ was made incarnate in the womb, not into the manger, and even the Psalms teach us that Our Father knew us, even in the womb, where our soul was incarnated.

Joe Biden’s statement deserves harsher criticism than any bishop appears yet to have given it (positive shout out to Wisconsin Bishop Donald Hying for at least saying something), but to Catholics in particular, this is a grave offense from a man whose call as a leader is to be God’s servant first.

Regime media wants to paint believing Catholics as the new “Westboro Baptist Church,” and any Southerner worth his salt knows what that means.

From a regime outlet, Politico:

…Moira Sheridan and David Williams outside the church gates, carrying faded posterboard signs. Both from Wilmington, both in their late 60s, both Catholics, they are a familiar presence at St. Joseph — they have come at least 20 times since the general election — though they rarely make the pool reports.

Williams wore a newsboy hat. “Number one, our concern is for Joe Biden’s soul,” Sheridan told me. They had not come to pray for the president, who is only the second occupant of the White House to share their faith. They had come to block him from participating in the church’s most important sacrament. It is their belief that if Biden is going to receive communion, “then we don’t want him comfortably going in,” said Williams. And it is uncomfortable. Last fall, before the election, steps from the Biden family graves behind the church, someone in their small group called out, “Repent for Beau’s soul.”

As they see it, church doctrine demands that Biden be made an example of, called out even when visiting his son’s final resting place. “He’s the most public figure in the world,” Sheridan said. “What he does affects what other Catholics will do. There is no such thing as mainstream, there is no such thing as extreme, and there is no such thing as liberal — there is Catholic.”

There’s pretty much nothing to disagree with in these faithful Catholics’ words. The regime can only frame them; they can’t dispute them. LifeSite News provides some context and commentary for the situation:

“NBC News reported Tuesday evening that “all 11 of the Planned Parenthood health centers in Texas” have “stopped scheduling visits after Sept. 1 for abortions past six weeks of pregnancy…”

You would think a faithful Catholic, one who regularly receives the Holy Eucharist, and presumably abides by core moral teachings of their Church, would be filled with joy and hope.

Not our Heretic in Chief.

Joe Biden apparently is upset there will be fewer babies killed by abortion:

“This extreme Texas law blatantly violates the constitutional right established under Roe v. Wade and upheld as precedent for nearly half a century…”

Biden’s public response to the Texas Heartbeat Act, is an “axe laid to the roots” of what is a foundational moral teaching of the Catholic Church.

Just read the Politico article: legacy Leftists see Catholicism as an anti-American ethnic racket and nothing more. Joe Biden’s “Catholicism” is nothing but exactly that: an ethnic credibility marker for a social climber with a mob-boss mentality towards the country his ancestors emigrated into.

The Universal Church is not an ethnic tradition. The Faith is not a necklace on a tattooed body or a hashtag on a camgirl’s profile. Catholicism is not an asterisk to Protestantism, or just Protestantism with fancier buildings. Catholic doctrine is not a political calling card.

The Universal Church is the one Ark of Salvation, outside of which no one at all can be saved.

The religion taught by Christ is the deposit of all truth, commanded to be taught to all men in all nations, that every knee should bow to Our Lord.

Consider the urgency in those facts.

Then consider Joe Biden’s melted-down, box-ticking “Catholicism.”

Saint Pius X, ora pro nobis!