Leftist Jesuit Calls For a Ban on the Tridentine Mass

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There is an interminable animus between the enemies of God and the Roman Mass.

The study of any number of episodes in Church history will bear this out. Two manifest lessons stand forth: 1. The true Faith has a true Worship. 2. Neither are acceptable to those opposed to truth.

The persecutors of the Church in every age have saved their subtlest arts and cruelest devices for the prohibition, alteration, or annihilation of the Catholic Mass – not merely the confection of the Sacrament of the Eucharist, mind you, but specifically the rite itself: that entire and ancient tapestry of words, gestures, signs and symbols grown organically in the heart of the Church over centuries of devout development through the inspiration of the Holy Ghost.

As the old Catholic saying goes: “It’s the Mass that matters.”

This truism comes to mind with the recent appearance of an article by Jesuit theologian Fr. Thomas Reese, wherein he asserts (among several fascinatingly falsifiable claims and/or bogus historical scholarship) the following:

After the Pauline reforms of the liturgy [read: the creation of the Novus Ordo], it was presumed that the “Tridentine” or Latin Mass would fade away. …[Then,] Benedict took away the bishops’ authority and mandated that any priest could celebrate the Tridentine Mass whenever he pleased. …The church needs to be clear that it wants the unreformed [read: traditional] liturgy to disappear and will only allow it out of pastoral kindness to older people who do not understand the need for change. Children and young people should not be allowed to attend such Masses. Read more…