More Smoke from the Southern Baptist Dumpster Fire

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The past five years have been hard on Southern Christians all around.

In 2019, the Houston Chronicle sex abuse dossier broke, chronicling over 300 sex offenders’ prowling Baptist youth groups across Texas for some 10 years, destroying the SBC’s credibility on child protection for an entire generation.

Since 2015, the White guilt machine has been at full speed. Blasting from every regime-approved airwave the message is clear: the Southern Cross (the Confederate Battle Flag), traditional morals you used to hear on Sunday all across the South, and really any positive sense of identity on the part of Southern White people, are all anathema to the new, Rainbow Mammon Religion. White people and Christians bad; “BIPOC” and Paganism good.

The Catholic Church has suffered in this same time period an era of unclear teaching, clerical scandal and corruption, theological ambiguity from on high, and an overall sense that the Church is fracturing, politicizing, and secularizing.

This is all, of course, on top of the revelations of the past few years that the Lutherans, ran by a bodybuilding lesbian, the SBC, at the time ran by an anti-Trump lobbyist, and “Catholic Charities,” a deceptively-named Leftist front for the likes of John Podesta, have been the largest forces contributing to the demographic replacement of Anglos, Southerners, and Christians in their own homeland.

So whether you’re Catholic, Protestant, or anything else, we understand how times have been hard.

For Southern Baptists, many of whom are finally crossing over into the Catholic Church as the “conservative” facade has fallen off their old congregation, times aren’t just hard. The denomination is worse off than many of the worst sections of the Catholic Church.

The SBC just announced that a man named Bryant Wright would lead one of their largest relief efforts (read: human trafficking/ demographic displacement schemes). From Reformation Charlotte, a Baptist outlet:

Wright is involved in several leftist pro-open-borders campaigns including the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT), a front group for the National Immigration Forum which is heavily funded by George Soros and other leftist organizations. While nearly nobody contests the fact that Russell Moore, former head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission is far left of center, it is becoming clear as we uncover more information that Bryant Wright may be even further to the left.

Wright has led his church to embrace a massive refugee resettlement effort based on the unbiblical and false teaching that Jesus himself was a refugee and has openly opposed the president and his local government’s efforts to protect its citizens from overburdening the welfare system and indefinitely turning entire neighborhoods into refugee camps. He has called on the state to effect mass immigration stating that “the Bible teaches people to care for refugees.”

“How we respond to refugees and immigrants is how we respond to Jesus,” Wright said in an interview on 60 Minutes saying that Jesus was the “ultimate immigrant” as he “left His native land in heaven to come to our land here on earth.”

More of the same immigration guilt trip from Leftists we all know too well. These are the kind of people who think the Tower of Babel was an instruction manual.

Then there’s, also this week, the SBC bigwig who went on MSNBC and preached the new, Rainbow Gospel adopted by the regime occupying Christian Dixie. From the same outlet:

Dan Darling, the former Vice President of Communications at the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) recently took a new job as VP of Communications at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) Network. Darling, who has been using his platforms for years to advance leftist causes, was fired yesterday after an appearance on MSNBC pushing the COVID-19 vaccine and attempting to twist the Scriptures to support his reasons for doing so.

Darling went on a far-left liberal news network to do so. Darling, like all leftist Southern Baptist leaders, including the newly-elected president, Ed Litton, appear to have a fascination with MSNBC as a platform to advance their pet leftist causes. In June, Litton went on MSNBC to declare that the Bible calls Christians to be “woke.”

We’re not even going to address the Southern Baptist Convention’s slide towards women “pastors.” You can read about that yourself at this link, but be warned: it ain’t pretty.

The SBC has a Southern guilt problem, and frankly a Jesus guilt problem. They believe Leftists when they call Christians “bigoted.” Lambasted as “dumb, prejudiced hicks” during the Bush and Clinton years, these Protestants have never recovered from their sense of inferiority before the Rainbow Mammon culture. They’ve grown up to lick the regime’s boots, while stepping on the faces of their flock. From the Capstone Report, another Baptist outlet:

Showing just how far down the Woke Path the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is going, Pastor Bart Barber accused religious broadcasters of dividing the church by spreading lies and conspiracy theories. He provided no evidence and named no specific broadcasters—so it is a generic slander against an entire group of conservative evangelicals. You know, typical of how Progressive politicians work. Amazing to see from an SBC pastor.

Barber said in a video posted to Vimeo, “We are working constantly to try to get members of our churches to do just what Dan said, feel free to have opinions and feel free to articulate them but respect one another’s freedom of conscience. And it is all the more difficult to do because some of these religious broadcasters are filling our church member’s heads full of lies and conspiracy theory crap that causes them to come into our churches and fight with one another. They are a source of division in churches and they are making the jobs of pastors like me more difficult. That wasn’t always the case for religious radio and religious TV. There was once a time when it was a great source of truth and something that was encouraging—that a pastor could say, That I want you to listen to American Family Radio. That I want you to listen to people who are part of the National Religious Broadcasters Association, but it is increasingly becoming clear that they are happy to divide your church if doing so will unite a political party or will unite their audience.”

Of course, he provided no proof or specific names in his slanderous rant. The only outlets mentioned was American Family Radio. Apparently, AFR triggers Woke Leftists and gets attacked regularly from the likes of The Gospel Coalition.

Then there’s the Atlanta “pastor” who told his flock that the unvaccinated are Pharisees. That is, another in an overly long comparison between anybody Baptists don’t like…and Pharisees. The thing is, Baptists are now “woke,” so Catholics, properly-comported people in general, White people, conservative Protestants; now they’re the Pharisees.

And the guy plagiarizing his sermons whose wife has a preaching gig and has never read a word of the church Fathers in his life…that guy represents Our Lord Jesus Christ?

Give us all a break.

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Saint Pius X, ora pro nobis!