Oklahoma Priest Defends the Eucharist, Now Suddenly Accused of Abuse

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No good deed goes unpunished.

From Gloria TV:

One reason Father James Goins, pastor of St Thomas More University Parish in Norman, Oklahoma, prefers saying Mass towards God is not to be distracted by the bad behaviour of adults during Mass, he wrote on Twitter.com

His highlight was a woman who wanted to share Communion with one of her dogs. When Goins rebuked her, she became so angry that she called the Oklahoma City Archdiocese’s Sexual Abuse Hotline saying that Goins was “mean.” The priest had – no joke – to write an “Incident Report” and provide witnesses.

Goins insists, “Children are not the problem.”

Pray for this priest, pray for the South, and pray for the Church.

Saint Cajetan, ora pro nobis!