Taylor Marshall and Bishop Schneider Publicly Defend the SSPX

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In another welcome defense of the Catholic Church and the Sacred Tradition imparted to her, well-known streamer Taylor Marshall, of Texas, and Bishop Athanasius Schneider, of Kazakhstan, have publicly defended the honor and orthodoxy of one of the most widely-smeared of orders in the modern Church. Between liberals and the Atlantic attacking them from the Left as the “Catholic Waco,” and Church Militant and conservative mouthpieces attacking them from the Right as a “cult,” the Society of Saint Pius X is n oft-misunderstood community of Catholics who have been long-acknowledged by Bishops, Cardinals, and even Popes, as being within the community of the Church. What angers their opponents is their fidelity to their principles, and their refusal to be bought.

As it turns out, Catholic Tradition is priceless.

Here is Gloria TV’ summary of this portion of the interview between the two:

Pius X Priests Not Suspended:

Not suspended. About the status of the priests of the Society of Saint Pius X, Schneider said that they could have been considered suspended in the past. However, that no longer applies today. Francis gave them jurisdiction for confession and marriage. For Schneider, it would be outlandish to assume that a Pius X priest is not suspended when hearing confessions and celebrating a wedding but is suspended for all other sacraments.

Lefebvre was a son of the Church:

No schism. Schneider said that the concept of schism could be applied to the Orthodox, who, unlike the Society of St Pius X, reject the papacy. Referring to Archbishop Lefebvre’s 1988 consecration of four bishops, Schneider stressed that the ancient canon law did not punish an unauthorised consecration of a bishop with excommunication and did not consider it a schismatic act. In the first millennium, most bishops were consecrated without papal approval. Unity with the Pope was expressed by naming him at Mass, which Lefebvre always did. He also tried until the end to get permission for the consecration of his bishops. Schismatics or Sedevacantists would not have cared about such a permit. Schneider believes that the Church will one day recognize Lefebvre.

Saint Pius X, ora pro nobis!