The Bishops Go to War Over the Jab

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We’re surprised by how, globally, the bishops on one hand, and the laity and their pastors on the other, are at such extreme odds about the forced injections promoted by the regime. One would think the clergy would be more united in defense of their flock, but we don’t live in that time.

The (notably pro-LGBT) Bishop of Lexington, Kentucky, has announced that priests not injected will no longer be allowed to minister to the sick or homebound, or to anoint those sick, that is, to perform last rites. From Catholic World Report:

The policy was announced during a Saturday vigil Mass Sept. 11 that Bishop Stowe celebrated at the Cathedral of Christ the King in Lexington.

At the end of the liturgy, Deacon Tim Weinmann read a statement from the cathedral’s rector, Father John Moriarty, that both Fr. Moriarty and Father David Wheeler, the parochial vicar, have not been vaccinated.

This is on the heels of the bishops of New York and Los Angeles, among others, flat-out refusing to provide religious exemptions to the jab. The Bishop of El Paso has also mandated that all of his diocese’s employees be injected. A diocesan newspaper was even so bold as to post a cartoon mocking somebody dying on a ventilator, which was, thankfully, rebuked later by the editor after strong public outrage:

Space in the Sept. 6 issue of The Catholic Virginian included an editorial cartoon that should not have been published in this paper. Thank you to all who wrote or called to express outrage, indignation, disappointment and other views that were warranted.

You’re right. That cartoon did not belong in our diocesan publication. As many of you noted, its message lacked the love of Christ that we, as Catholics, are taught to preach and to live — especially to the sick and dying.

Slightly up North, the bishop of Toronto also imposed restrictions for un-injected clergy:

Cardinal Collins has been pushing the jab on Catholics for many months. Preaching from the Ambo at St. Michael’s Cathedral, he has called it “common sense” and an “act of charity” admonishing Catholics that those who do not take it obviously have no concern for the “common good.” It is important to note that Collins went even further than the government diktats in Ontario and shut down Mass completely, even before the initial lockdown and later, at a time when the government did not shut religious services and only severely restricted numbers. For many Catholics, receiving Holy Communion is impossible because Collins continues to prohibit Holy Communion on the tongue at Mass – a situation where some Catholics have now gone 18 months without the holy Sacrament. The Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Second Vatican Council and the Canadian bishops’ own infamous Winnipeg Statement all remind us that our conscience is supreme and that we cannot violate our conscience. Except in the matter of taking the jab or in the manner of receiving Holy Communion. Here, we are expected in these two matters to violate our consciences.

The clergymen of the Dakotas, Colorado, and some scattered regions have allowed for exemptions to be issued, and have publicly advocated for their flocks in this regard. This adds up to the secular conservatives, often Protestant, in the Republican Party outdoing the clergy in defense of their own flocks. Arizona just sued the Biden administration to roll back the regime’s mandated injections for employees of any company with 100 or more workers. The Florida Governor has also vowed to fight the mandate, and is likely preparing for court. Amid an unprecedented groundswell of opposition to the Covid “vaccines,” experimental, dangerous, and untested, one would think that on secular popularity grounds alone this would be an easy issue to be right on. That is, ignoring the Catholic Faith itself, declared statements on conscience by the prelates, and the injections’ dangerous side-effects, entanglements with abortion, and thus further the harvesting of organs from living children, or their as yet undetermined impacts on long-term fertility and reproductive health.

Across the pond, things are no better.

In Switzerland, France, and Australia, priests and laypeople are opposed to their own bishops on this issue.

The bishop of Tyler, Texas, as well as bishops Vigano and Schneider have, reliably, made statements more sanguine to the needs of the flock. From Vigano:

“At the same time, on the other front, not only do the ecclesiastical authorities not condemn in the least the abuse of power by those who govern public affairs, but they support them in this wicked plan, and go so far as to condemn those who do not accept being subjected to inoculation with an experimental gene serum, with unknown side effects, that does not impart any immunity from the virus,” the archbishop said.

In criticizing Church authorities on this point, he went on to emphasize that due to these experimental gene-based vaccines being tainted with abortion in either their production or testing, every Catholic has “more than sufficient” moral grounds “to refuse the vaccine.”

“We are at war,” he said, “a war that is not openly declared, that is not fought with conventional weapons, but a war all the same in which there are aggressors and aggressees, executioners and victims, kangaroo courts and prisoners. A war in which violence ensues in ostensibly legal forms in order to violate the rights of citizens as well as believers.

…and from Schneider, on the John Henry Westen Show:

We talked about the COVID shot as well as the duties of pro-lifers in these times. I wanted to revisit his remarks today on my blog in order to clarify how Christians should act in response to Joe Biden’s recent decision to force all businesses with 100 or more employees to require the “vaccine.” As usual, Bishop Schneider’s comments were not only prophetic but illuminating. May all followers of Christ heed his words!

“God knows these souls by name,” Bishop Athanasius Schneider said to me today on The John Henry Westen Show. He was referring to unborn children who were aborted and then had their murdered bodies used in the manufacture of cell lines used for the COVID and other vaccines.

Bishop Schneider explains that in calling on pro-lifers to resist abortion-tainted vaccines, he prayed for inspiration asking the intercession of the very babies who were killed.

Lastly, from Bishop Strickland:

Bishop Joseph Strickland put on notice governments, businesses, and even fellow bishops of the Church who are forcing and coercing people to take the abortion-tainted COVID jabs, calling this “a time to speak up and say no to mandates.”

Bishop Strickland also highlighted how the recent global and national efforts to mandate the coronavirus shot violates the consciences of individuals and their God-given free will. He condemned this especially for Catholics and pointed out the importance of Church doctrine concerning the rights of conscience. 

Furthermore, His Excellency said that even Catholic bishops have thrown their support behind forced injections. He says that although American bishops decided to denounce vaccine mandates originally, they have “basically folded on the issue and backed off.” 

Stay confessed; pray for the Church, and especially for the Pope and bishops.

Saint Pius X, ora pro nobis!