The Border State Bishops and Human Trafficking

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The Southwest is the historical frontier of Dixie. It’s the Western endpoint of the South’s march West. Cowboy culture, the revolver, the barbed wire fence, and so many other iconic pieces of Anglo-American symbolism come from when Southern people and culture crossed the 100th Meridian, and went West.

What, some 200 years after our victory over Mexico at San Jacinto, does the South have to show for her achievements?

Our Western states have been completely invaded with the encouragement and complicity of the ruling government.

…and the bishops of our Church are not helping.

The bishops of San Antonio and Santa Fe, respectively, have both outed themselves as promoters of the human trafficking and population displacement racket known was “immigration” to America.

Crux News, a liberal outlet, has reported on their statements, referring to men who subvert our Church and our homeland as “Catholic immigration leaders,” an unhappy distinction:

Catholic immigration leaders, many of whom have experienced the effects of the policy firsthand, were shocked, saddened and angered by the ruling.

“With this pronouncement, the situation will be worse,” Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller of San Antonio told Crux. “This is not for the better of the people. It’s not for the better of a country dealing with international law and the fact that migration is global, we are not showing leadership in that area. It’s very tragic.”

Archbishop John Wester of Santa Fe said the policy “flies in the face” of international and domestic law because people have a right to asylum. He doesn’t understand how the government can willingly put migrants in danger.

Let’s remember who our true friends are.

Instead of replacing Americans….actually convert them.

Saint Pius X, ora pro nobis!