The South Groans Under a Pagan Yoke

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The South is a occupied country.

Revisionist history curricula would have you believe the South no longer exists, or never did. We all know that this is a lie.

What’s being done to the South is the same thing that Rainbow-Mammon tried to do to Ukraine, Afghanistan, Russia, and Iran: splice and dice the demographics, pump the country full of pornography, drugs, then shunt young women into “gender studies” programs. Last step is to legalize sodomy and abortion, and then watch the Sex and the City utopia unfold.

Just like in all of those places, their effort here will probably fail.

It has been over 150 years since the Northern invasion of the South, and Dixie is still, from Texas and Oklahoma in the West to Florida and Virginia in the East, the most religious, conservative, gun-toting, agrarian, and soldierly region in the Union. The bloodstain has never washed off, not with any amount of Rainbow bleach.

That doesn’t mean we aren’t in trouble. Some people surprisingly don’t know how much trouble we’re in.

In Georgia, Satanic rituals are being performed with impunity. Hundreds of headless goat carcasses were dumped into a Georgia river just last week.

Virginia just desecrated the Robert E. Lee memorial, America’s greatest equestrian monument to America’s greatest military aristocrat. They attempted to replace the Confederate “time capsule” under the statue, which contained Confederate buttons and flags, and a picture of Lincoln lying in his coffin, with a “2021 time capsule,” which would contain a Rainbow flag, a picture of a Black woman raising her fist with Lee’s statue in the background, and a spent bottle of the Pfizer Covid “vaccine.” Really. The most telling detail? The “conservative, patriotic” GOP nominee for Governor endorsed the effort!

In Texas,, a Leftist rag, has endorsed the Satanic Temple as the “last, best hope” to save legalized infanticide in Texas amid that state’s battle against the Culture of Death. The Biden administration has openly said that they will treat Texan pro-lifers no different under law than the Ku Klux Klan. The feds throw the hammer down to defend baby killing, but what about illegal aliens murdering innocent Southerners?

Texan women, even elderly, are being raped and attacked in the border regions as the feds do nothing. At least the state authorities have legalized open carry so that citizens can defend themselves in the Third World country many parts of Texas are turning into.

the clergy in Texas are no better: the Bishops of Brownsville and El Paso have endorsed the “immigration” (read: human trafficking demographic displacement) racket and mandatory vaccinations, respectively. The Cardinal of Houston has banned the Roman Mass entirely across his diocese! Only one bishop, Bishop Strickland of Tyler in East Texas, has publicly rebuked the abortion-tainted and experimental injection marketed as the “Covid vaccine.”

Louisiana and Mississippi still reel from Hurricane Ida, with no aid to be found. This applies most obviously to Mississippi, which is not a “vibrant African-American cultural hub” and thus does not deserve media recognition of their plight, or federal relief efforts… or evangelization from Catholic bishops.

In Florida, crime continues to rise in the wake of BLM supporters realizing that the suburbs and condos, far from being hives of “White supremacy,” are actually just criminals’ new low-hanging fruit. The families of the dead from the Surfside condo collapse are being exploited for identity theft by Black thugs. Southern hospitality is biting us back, it seems.

Southern Protestantism at large does nothing but whine about White people and the unvaxxed, as Baptist leaders urge Whites to “surrender their power” to Black people, and “peel back the veneer to expose a rotting corpse of White supremacy” behind White people’s politeness and good manners. Here’s the source link for those quotes, by the way. The SBC hasn’t done a lot of preaching lately, but they sure can lay down vaccine mandates (if not Gospel “imperatives”) and complain about God-fearing White Southerners!

The South groans under a pagan yoke; remember the spirit of the Battle of Athens. Take your stand.

What we need is conversion, repentance, and the True Faith. That takes prayer, and it takes work. That work will take a long time and a lot of energy, but nobody is going to save us but ourselves. It’s ourselves alone who will convert and restore our country.

Saint Pius X, ora pro nobis!