The True Meaning of “Pro-Life”

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The phrase “pro-life” has been twisted to mean a lot of things.

Leftist culture vultures want something like this: “Pro-life means ALL of life! So we want (medical socialism, confiscation of private property, bans on self-defense weapons, abolition of the death penalty, demographic replacement of White Southerners in their own homeland).”

Properly-oriented believers, that is, Roman Catholics, would probably say something more like: “Pro-life means not supporting the murder of unborn children, the murder of the incapacitated elderly, suicide in all forms, and violent crime.”

The first person has a political agenda which twists the rhetoric. the second person clearly uses the rhetoric on face value. Theft (socialism) is not pro-life. Abolition of criminal penalties, or the pro-BLM mass jailbreak encouraged by Leftists, is not pro-life. Ethnically cleansing the USA because you don’t like White Christians is not pro-life. Banning violent self-defense against violent crime is not pro-life.

On its face it’s very simple, but often Catholics get confused and try to split the difference.

“Oh, well, I’m not a racist or anything, so I guess supporting poor immigrants from violent countries is pro-life.”

“I need to ‘look out for my neighbor,’ so I suppose these people [purposefully imported into my country by bad actors] have a right to stay here.”

“I guess the death penalty is killing, so that’s not pro-life.”

Or, popular among a certain crowd (you know who you are): “Financial oppression is anti-life, so I guess socialism with Catholic clothing is pro-life.”

On all counts: wrong.

Let’s look at some examples of what “pro-life” means, and what it doesn’t.

In Louisiana and Mississippi (sorry, that’s “Land Mass”) Hurricane Ida is wreaking absolute havoc. So, Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church opened its doors to 34 people and sheltered them among the storm. Saint Walburga, patroness of those caught in storms, pray for these souls!

This is pro-life. Louisiana get a pro-life star.

The state of Texas passed a law banning virtually all abortions. Whether this is an Abbott re-election maneuver isn’t really important; if even one life was saved, that’s a win for life. This Wednesday the law takes full effect, and even though the Republican-appointed Supreme Court will strike it down, there are less dead babies in the world because of it.

This is pro-life. Texas has earned a pro-life Lone Star.

Also in Texas, a Leftist front group called Catholic Charities has won a court case against the state, wherein the Governor banned non-government vehicles from trafficking migrants into Texas. As usual, the courts sided with the interest group over the nominal chiefs of public law, and the Left celebrated their continuing efforts to ethnically cleanse White people from Southern states.

This is not-pro-life. You’re not helping the Church by funding human trafficking. Instead of ethnically cleansing Americans to boost parish numbers, try converting them instead.

There are prelates out there who teach some zany ideas. Often, they call them “pro-life.” As in: “It’s not pro-life to attack other people’s beliefs,” or “It’s not pro-life to eat meat.” After all, Pope Bill Gates the First doesn’t want legal agriculture because it “hurts the environment,” or something. The Left even produced a documentary called “Cowspiracy” which talks about how governments need to abolish all farming and ranching, because cow farts will make the oceans boil.

Uh… follow the science, y’all.

To those prelates and regime functionaries speaks Bishop Athanasius Schneider, who said recently:

Even the very first commandment is denied by the claim that “all religions are equal”. Schneider observes that “we are destroying the revelation itself” and thus “becoming not only non-Christians but to some extent pagans.” He calls this “neopaganism inside the Church.”

Schneider notices that “the policy of the Vatican” is focussed on a simple humanistic education, on providing clean water, taking care of trees and rivers etc., “This is very, very poor and very sad.”

Stressing that life is very short and the eternal wellbeing is at stake, Schneider recommends developing a missionary zeal stressing that evangelisation doesn’t discriminate against Jews, because Christ and the apostles first preached the Gospel to them, “Otherwise they will not be saved and the law of Moses will not help them.”

This is pro-life. The life of a human is of the soul first, and the flesh second. Being pro-life definitely means saving souls. Abortion is bad because humans are being murdered, but also because souls are being left unbaptized. The same people who support “animal rights” also supporting child murder. Get the rhythm yet?

Stay educated, confess your sins, and if you’re not taking 15 minutes a day to pray, try it. If you exercise your body for an hour every day, think about your soul. Same deal.

Saint Bede, Patron of the English-speaking Peoples, ora pro nobis!