There’s No Pretending This is a Normal Vaccine

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Suzan Sammons has written a very well-informed piece over at Crisis Magazine we recommend you read. It begins:

In the unfortunate battle between Catholics who promote the COVID-19 injections and those who oppose them, several specious arguments have arisen. Proponents point to a long list of commonly used medications they say were also developed or tested using the cells of HEK-293. This is a fetal stem cell line propagated from an aborted baby whom those who care about the humanity of children named Johanna (she was a person not a licence plate number). Johanna’s cells were used to develop or test three of the four available COVID-19 injections, while the fourth used stem cells from another aborted baby.

Catholic jab promoters tell us opponents that if we forgo the injection because of its derivation from Johanna, then we better boycott aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve, Advil, Tums, Maalox, and a host of other common medications because they were also tested on Johanna or other fetal stem cell lines.

However, aspirin was invented in 1897 when a scientist modified the naturally occurring plant compound salicylic acid. Needless to say, no tests on aborted babies’ cells were performed before Bayer brought the product to market.

Do read the rest and understand how the debate about the Covid vaccine touches the very root of reality, and the Catholic religion’s recognition of it. These aren’t “normal times,” to say the least.

Pray for the Church.

Saint Peter Damian, ora pro nobis!