Trump 2024: Why Bother Running?

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Donald Trump has not had an easy time of things since leaving office.

His original Kushner-led media grift, “From President Trump’s Desk” crashed and burned. Parler crashed and burned the same way, and millions of conservative Americans’ private data was harvested, probably to send more campaign donation emails.

Donald Trump got booed by his own crowd in Alabama when he endorsed the Covid vaccine, just off the heels of heavy criticism from right-thinking people after he endorsed the kangaroo court railroading of Derek Chauvin, the officer who put a stop to George Floyd’s life of crime.

He spent the last 6 months cleaning up the mess from stealing millions of dollars from helpless and elderly supporters’ bank account during the 2020 election, and now Donald Trump says he wants to run for President again.

Maybe Netanyahu would support him. But for an American: Why bother?

Consider Trump’s supposed allies.

Trump just endorsed “Hariet Hageman” for Wyoming Senate. That is, a longtime advisor to Liz Cheney, whose best Senatorial achievement is sending Americans to die in the desert while importing foreigners to replace them in their home country. So the whole Liz Cheney vs. Donald Trump feud? Fake.

Trump-endorsed West Virginia Governor Jim Justice just went on the air and noted how the people of his state have a spiking Covid death rate rising in tandem with vaccinations, but insisted that people get the vaccine anyway. This is, he’s obviously out of step with his voting base (Southerners), and the GOP at large. But he’s a Trump ally, right?

Try foreign policy. This is where Trump built an embassy in Jerusalem for longstanding ally Benjamin Natenyahu, and got a street named after him. The same Donald Trump, who claims to be a Christian, married his kids off to Jews, and those kids deserted the Christian name. Trump even blasphemed the Christian God and participated in a Jewish prayer ritual in Jerusalem, and has longstanding ties to idolatrous Protestant pastors like John Hagee, who preach idolatry of the State of Israel. Not much “America First” there, to say nothing of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Try the guy Trump had at his side to help get “conservative” legislation passed for years during his Presidency, Kevin McCarthy. That man alone has raised six figures for people who tried to impeach Donald Trump, and you can be sure Donald Trump won’t purge him form the party leadership if he ever gets back into office. He’ll purge people like Roy Moore (recently exonerated) and Steve King (guilty of what, exactly?).

He’ll purge people like election integrity crusader Chris Kobach, immigration patriot Jeff Sessions, and populist speechwriter Darren Beattie. You can be sure he’ll incite plenty of rallies to “defend America” like Charlottesville and January 6th, but when push comes to shove, he won’t pardon anybody, and he’ll say there were “good people on both sides” as Antifa bashes patriots’ heads in. …and BLM riots will continue unabated. So much for tough-on-crime!

Whether the rumors of Trump selling pardons and endorsements are just coping mechanisms for Trump activists, or are actually true, when Trump says he plans on running again, you have to ask again:

Why bother?

Saint Patrick, ora pro nobis!