Vigano Calls for Global Exorcism Amid Clerical Chaos

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The aftermath of Traditiones Custodes is now becoming clear, as clerics have begun persecuting the Latin Rite of Mass in regions across the world, from Costa Rica, to Rome, to France, to England, to now, even dioceses in America.

From Father John Zuhlsdorf:

Moving west, we find the less than edifying efforts to implement TC in the Diocese of Boise.

Bishop Peter Christenson expresses his long-time concern about the “divisiveness” in the diocese coming from the people who want the Traditional Mass:

“My brother priests, these are not new concerns for me. I have also been troubled by a divisive energy rising from those who seek to “restore” the Church to the Tridentine Liturgy. Efforts I have made to provide the Extraordinary Form for those who wish it have often been met by greater demands and an expressed intention to attend churches that are in schism with the Catholic Church, such as the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX), rather than attending a Novus Ordo Mass.”

Firstly, we are simply to accept, I guess, that there is “divisive energy”. Going on, we are to accept that he has made “efforts” to provide for these “divisive energy” people. What I find really interesting is his statement that his “efforts” were met with a desire to seek out the SSPX, rather than attend a “Novus Ordo” Mass.

Let’s leave aside that the SSPX is NOT is schism. Their priests have been given faculties by the Holy See and by various diocesan bishops. You can’t receive faculties if you are in schism.

And this is while some bishops begin making experimental injections mandatory for diocesan employees. WE should point out that this cleric is openly preaching regime propaganda and misinformation about vaccination rates and infection rates. From the Diocese of El Paso:

It doesn’t take an epidemiologist to know that the areas with the highest levels of infections and deaths are also those places with the lowest numbers of those vaccinated. Reliable reports indicate that more than 90% of those hospitalized with Covid-19 and the Delta variant are unvaccinated. Those who have chosen not to be vaccinated due to the fear of side effects must now recognize that the risk of side effects pales in comparison to the risk of death from the Delta variant…

For the sake our brothers and sisters, I am requiring all those who are employed by the Church and all those who perform Church ministries including, but not limited to, catechists and Eucharistic ministers to be vaccinated.

In response to works such as those of the bishops of Boise, El Paso, and others, we have Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, who has called for a global recital by the world’s bishops of the Exorcists Prayer of Pope Leo XIII. Here is his brief call, from Catholic Family News:

In this moment of very serious spiritual and material crisis, in which the public Authorities support the plans of the New World Order and the Shepherds are silent accomplices in the face of the destruction of society and of the Church of Christ herself, it is our sacred duty to unite ourselves to the spiritual battle, aligning ourselves without hesitation under the banners of Christ our King and Mary our Queen.

The Lord has given to Bishops and Priests the power to cast out demons in His Name. Already on Holy Saturday of 2020 many of them welcomed my appeal with generosity and a supernatural spirit. Today I intend to renew this appeal. I ask, therefore, my venerable Brothers in the Episcopate and Priesthood to dedicate the Vigil of the Assumption of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary to prayer and fasting, and to reciting the Exorcismus in Satanam et angelos apostaticos of Leo XIII (Rituale Romanum, Tit. XII, Caput III), at the hour of 12 noon in Rome. This sacramental will be placed under the mantle of the most fearful Adversary of the infernal powers, so that the choral prayer of the Ministers of God will remove from the Church and the world the snares of the Enemy of mankind which today threaten society, families, individuals, and in a particular way the faithful of Christ.

The secularized world, and along with it not a few Shepherds, will be able to mock this appeal and the Exorcism itself, considering it the legacy of a past to be cancelled along with the Faith of our fathers. But we know well that, although we are unworthy sinners, a power has been given to us by Our Lord which terrorizes the Gates of Hell and its servants.

In the silence and fasting which prepares us for the Feast of the Assumption of the Queen of Heaven, let us invoke the Most Holy Virgin, terrible as an army set in battle array [Cant. 6:9], and Saint Michael the Archangel, the Patron of the Holy Church and Prince of the Heavenly Hosts.

Saint Gregory the Great, ora pro nobis!