“What to the American Southerner, is Your Fourth of July?”

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“Conservatism” in America is doomed to fail as long as it is tethered to the liberal ideology of our present rulers.

This newsletter is unapologetically Catholic, but our readers, many of whom are Protestants, recognize just as well as we do that were will be no restoration of America in the Name of Jesus Christ without correcting the mistakes of the past. In the year 2021, “conservatives” have not conserved freedom of association, school prayer, natural law marriage, the supremacy of the English language. the Anglo-Saxon legal character of their constituent States, or the liberty of such states to even prohibit the murder of unborn children, the dissolution of lawful marriages, or the castration of teenage boys.

Why has “conservatism” failed? The answer is simple: the foundation of secular “conservatism” was founded upon pillars of sand.

Only God will restore America, and He’ll only do it if He pleases. That’s why we implore His graces…and how many Republicans do you see imploring God’s graces, instead of triumphantly assuming them onto themselves as they sell out their constituents?

The South was simply not founded on what the Leftist/Liberal North was founded on. The South believes in agrarianism, hearth, home, English liberty, fatherhood, virtue, Christianity, kinship, family, law, and harmony.

The (Democrat-ran) North believes in commerce, globalism, libel, politicking, sexual revolution, and permanent rebellion against God. Don’t believe us? Who was the first State to legalize “same-sex marriage?” Who was the first State to legalize “no-fault divorce?” Which State did Roe v. Wade target as the judicial opponent of the murder of unborn children? And so forth…

In such a morally and spiritually divided Republic, no unity is possible. Described very accurately by the Abbeville Institute:

“The problem with this is that there is not and cannot be a ‘shared American identity’ that is ‘deep and powerful’ because the modern American creed (itself an updated form of the Pilgrim-Yankee worldview of yesteryear) is predicated on exactly the opposite principle: To be an ‘American’ today means precisely to be baptized into the cult of individualism; to cut off one’s roots in order to begin a new life here in the ‘promised land’; to forget the past, with its customs and other burdens, all of which are hindrances to personal self-fulfilment; to focus solely on creating a future full of material comforts.

Such a belief and its attendant way of living, full of centripetal forces, is unable to oppose the forward march of Woke revolutionaries. They will easily shatter whatever weak resistance these Hillsdale College/National Review-type ‘American nationalists’ offer up: A collection of rootless, atomized, self-interested individuals is no match for an ideologically united collective full of fire for their utopian vision.

One may go a step further and say that the SJWs are merely the latest iteration of New England progressives, beginning with the Pilgrim Gnostics and on to the more secularized and/or apostate Yankees with their many isms – abolitionism, communism, feminism, prohibitionism, Shakerism, Mormonism, etc. Thus, what we are seeing is the Yankee ideology devouring itself: Those who hold to the earlier, mid-19th century Lincolnian version (Hillsdale, talk radio, Victor Davis Hanson, Fox News, etc.) are at war with the current Woke iteration.

The South stands aloof from deracinated Yankee Americanism. She began not as a project to build something ‘new’ (the infamous New England City on a Hill) but as an effort of Englishmen to continue the rural life they knew, the only difference being their ability to advance a little financially. This is why so many ‘old’ things have survived here at the South: the architecture of the English manor house and the Celtic cabin, as well as classical Greek and Roman architecture; classical literature; the African banjo; the Bible and Saints’ Days; quilting and basket-weaving; and so forth.

But Dixie cannot at all afford to be complacent while the infighting between the elder and younger branches of the Yankee family tree continues on. The South is still at risk from them in many ways: directly, for she remains the declared enemy of both, the retrograde force (in their minds) inhibiting their passage into earthly blessedness; and indirectly (i.e., collateral damage), from the effects of their ongoing war with one another on the Church, the economy, the physical fabric of our towns and cities, the farmers’ fields, etc.

It behooves us, then, to do what the South failed to do in the first War of Northern Aggression: to find enough unity to fend off our enemies. This unity is not simply a utilitarian necessity for the Southern way of life to survive and flourish; it is part of the high calling of all peoples.” (The entire piece can be found here.)

Is it any wonder why Country music, bluegrass, Christianity, ancient English custom, patriotism, family, and kinship flourish in the South? Is it any wonder why the South is the Catholic believer’s natural home?

The South has a love of tradition; the oldest Tradition is Christ’s. There will be no more America, no more meaning to the Fourth of July, without the Southern States who won that war by the Virginian George Washington and the South Carolinian Francis Marion, the “Swamp Fox.” There will be no more South if not for Christ, if not for his Church. The choice, in the age of the Rainbow Crusade, is simple.

As Benjamin Franklin said: “Join or Die…” to Spirit and to history.

Saint Andrew, brother of Saint Peter, the Holy Father; Patron Saint of the South; ora pro nobis!