Why Mel Gibson Just Endorsed Vigano

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This is one of the funnier stories we’ve seen lately. Not that the issues involves aren’t serious, but this is pretty funny, and pretty good.

From LifeSite News:

Famed Catholic film director Mel Gibson has come out in support of the views taken by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò regarding the crisis in the Catholic Church.

Gibson, who directed The Passion of the Christ – and is currently working on its sequel The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection – made his remarks during a pre-recorded video message that was played during the “Rally and Rosary of Reparation” event today hosted by the Coalition for Canceled Priests in Lincoln Park, Chicago.

The rally was organized in response to pro-LGBT Cardinal Blase Cupich allowing pro-abortion Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot, a non-Catholic lesbian in a same-sex “marriage,” to receive Holy Communion at a funeral Mass last month.

In his video message, Gibson spoke about “hirelings” in the Church who are not defending authentic Church teaching. He said that he agreed with Archbishop Viganò’s view that Vatican II should be scrapped altogether and that a “parallel, counterfeit Church” was setup to “eclipse” the true Catholic Church.

You can’t blame him. It doesn’t help Catholics teach their children the Faith when Rome invites Bill Gates, Chelsea Clinton, Anthony Fauci, and – get this- pro-LGBT and pro-abortion activists to Vatican “global health summits.”

Bishop Athanasius Schneider has commented on the kinds of vaccine mandates and passports endorsed, explicitly or tacitly, by often Modernist bishops as harbingers of Anti-Christ. From Gloria TV:

“We are returning to societies of totalitarianism.” Health care is for Schneider used as a pretext, since there is no proof that vaccination prevents COVID, but when evidence is denied, this is a sign of a dictatorship.

Schneider identifies a “program” to vaccinate all persons to achieve political, social, and ideological aims. If the government has coercive power to tell people how their body should be (“forced vaccinations”), “then you have lost your last privacy because your body belongs to you.”

Abortion-tainted vaccines and “green passes” including QR codes prefigure for Schneider the mark of the Beast (Apc 13) without which one cannot buy or sell – “and this is literally already being carried out.“ Schneider hopes for alternatives like small private systems for trade, study or travel without public transport.

For him this new “dictatorship” represents “a totalitarianism that will be complete, and this will be the end of every human society.”

It also doesn’t help when the Pope oversees Pachamama idolatry at Saint Peter’s Basilica. Or acquiesce to German bishops “blessing” sodomy and Protestant intercommunion.

Those things are pretty hard for Catholics to agree with.

The Pope recently went to France and declared “Basta!” as in, “Enough!” to critics of the Second Vatican Council and adherents to Catholic Tradition. That doesn’t sound very Catholic either.

Mel Gibson might be a Hollywood actor, but he has a platform and a pulpit, and he did a brave thing. Good on him.

Saint Lawrence, ora pro nobis!